I’ve been thinking lately. What would it be like if there truly was a world-wide apocalypse such as a nuclear war or a financial disaster or even a zombie invasion? The closest America has come to this is the Great Depression and WWII. I watch all things history and have caught many Modern Marvels episodes from this period of time. It’s awe inspiring to see the ingenuity, fortitude and determination of Americans that stepped up to dig the country out of the ashes. It leaves me to wonder if we could still do it?


From 1929 through 1945, the world was defined by poverty and war but also by perseverance. People who lived during those times dug us up out of the ashes to give us what e have today. There were doctors, lawyers and engineers turned soldier, rivet monkey and steelworker. These changes were born more out of necessity than of choice.

Great Depression

During the depression, people were forced to do whatever was necessary to keep going. Be it working on a dam or skyscraper or becoming migrant workers or farmers (again)–they did what they had to. I have such great respect for the people that lived through that time, because they did what they had to do. They were willing to step out of their comfortable little boxes and into the unknown. The things they accomplished inspired all Americans to keep going.


While we were drawn into the war, the entire country banded together to fight evil. Millions (approximately 6) of men and women voluntarily signed up to fight in this war. Evil was being done and they were willing, ready and able to mobilize to fight it. Where might we be today if not for those volunteers? (I can’t say enough about these people–but that’s not the purpose of this article)

Apocalypse Now

I believe that’s a movie title as I vaguely recall a movie poster or something. What would happen though, if something similar happened today? Most likely we’d be facing some sort of biological or nuclear apocalypse of course. How would we respond?

Somewhere deep within us all, I believe we still have the ability to do what those before us did. Unfortunately though, I believe we’ve grown weak. Lazy. Indifferent. The sacrifice of those before us has given us a level of comfort and ease not seen before. We’ve not had to stand up of fight for our way of life or beliefs in a long time, and I think we’ve forgotten what gave us what we have.

As I watch in awe and profound respect and gratitude for what those people during the Great Depression and WWII did for us, I seriously wonder if I could do the same. Am I too soft? I would hope that I could adapt and thrive, but how fast? Could I go on a moment’s notice to fight a war? Transition to a miner of precious natural resources? Climb to the top of an unfinished skyscraper and drive rivets? Hopefully I never have to find out.


In each of us, I believe there is a bit of entitlement. We feel like we deserve something and think it should be given to us–even us Christians. We’ve not faced adversity. As a population we haven’t had to do without. Put yourself into the shoes (or bare feet) of the lady in sub-Saharan Africa that has to walk 10 or more miles a day for dirty water to drink. Rather than tell the government that it needs to provide for us, why not try to provide for ourselves?

As Christians we are no different either. We may feel like we’re being persecuted when we’re told we have to decorate a cake against our beliefs but what about the house church pastor in China? We may lose our business, but what about the Christian that loses his life for his beliefs?

“Make America Great Again”

Donald Trump used the slogan “Make America Great Again” when he ran for President last year. I don’t put a whole lot of stock in campaign slogans because they don’t really mean much. We use them merely to excite the masses. However, why don’t we get out there and really do it? Let’s stop sitting in front of our computers and TV’s complaining about how the government isn’t provide for us. Rather, let’s get out and provide for ourselves.

Don’t have enough money to get yourself a cell phone or high-speed internet? Find a way to cut expenses or increase income so you can get it yourself–if that’s a priority for you. Can’t get that job you want? Go back to school, take some courses, or go get the training you need. (I know this doesn’t seem easy. However, I worked in IT for 15 years with no training. When I wanted a better position, I did everything I could to learn the skills necessary–reading, study, etc)


I’ve been there; done that; still doing it. There are really no easy answers. If we let the government give it to us, then the choice is taken from us and we give up some control over our options. If we take it ourselves, all the work and responsibility falls to us.

I’m not at all the best example of this. I’ve often sat back and let others do the work. However, as I get older, I’m learning more and more the price and value of sacrifice. When it comes to relying on others to give us what we need, I believe that we should do that with God. Let him provide–but be willing to work or sacrifice for it too. I’m not saying that we all should try to become survivalists or soldiers or construction dynamos, but maybe a little less sitting and a little more standing?


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