Mobile Home – Entry Doors

In my “ongoing” series mobile home renovations, I will now show how I replaced our mobile home entry doors. The renovation was time consuming and sometimes frustrating but not overly difficult.


Our mobile is pushing 20 years old and it’s really holding up well. In the mid-90’s they started building them with upgrades that made them more like stick-built homes. These upgrades included 6″ framed exterior walls, double pane glass windows to name just a few. These doors were still “mobile home” which aren’t as high quality as you’d find in a stick-built home. For example the front door had no frame, just hinges attached to the framing and weather strips on the inside whereas, the back door was a PVC shell with styrofoam core.

Why Replace?

Neither of these doors really contained the weather very well and we always had drafts, so we started looking for other doors. (NOTE: These doors were also “mobile home standard size–30″x72”) Replacement doors, we found, cost around $500 but standard sized doors at Home Depot cost around $150. Therefore we bought doors from Home Depot and modified the entryway.
To do this, on the front-entry door all I had to do was to remove the faux frame from the original door and remove the header above the door to make the opening tall enough and wide enough to accommodate the new door. (I did not take pictures of this project) For the door, I expected much of the same, but the way the 30″ door was installed, I not only had to go 8″ higher, but I also had to tear out part of the framing because the new door was 2″ wider than the old. This required removing the 2×6″ framing on one side, cutting siding, drywall and rebuilding the side frame of the door.

Photos from the renovation