Not right in the head

“You’re not right in the head!” I have heard this many times in my life. Some would say it’s because of my slightly warped sense of humor. Others would argue that it’s because of the 20 years of migraines. However, I believe it’s much simpler than that!

Both of those things account for me being “not right in the head”, but the primary cause goes all the way back to when I was just a child. Some of my most vivid memories revolve around head trauma. There was the time when I was 5 riding my tricycle or when my uncle dropped me off a riding mower. My head has often been the target of soccer balls. We can argue about nature vs nurture, but the both have played a role in my “oddness”. I have learned to embrace and even celebrate the odd.

I learned much about the “other” side as a child. It did not appeal to me. When I talk about the “other” side I am referring to those without humor. Two good examples are my father and grandfather. Dad does have some sense of humor, but he hasn’t devoted the amount of time to it as I have. My grandfather, on the other hand, wouldn’t know humor if if pushed him out of a tree–more on that in a later post. I’ve decided over the years to just “embrace the crazy”.

Given my family heritage, it was inevitable for me to grow up to be a sour puss, but those many head injuries (and thousands of migraines) have rearranged the synapses.