Save the peanut

As I’m sitting here starting up for the day, I couldn’t help thinking what it was like to be a peanut. For those peanuts in a shell by themselves, do they get lonely? In the shells with 3 or more peanuts, is there more tension, infighting, etc? When they are shelled and thrown in a bin together, do they throw a party? Somehow, I find myself being able to relate to the plight of the peanut.

People have organized causes all over the world (“Save the Whales”,  “Nurture the narwhal “, “Groom the grass”), but what about the peanut? In many ways, they are just like us. Some live alone while others live in pairs. Some have nice homes while others have homes with holes in the walls. Some are fat while others are thin. Some are salty, others–not so much. Many are plain while many are also sweet as honey.

Time for me to get back to work, but it’s just something to think about. The next time you’re out marching for the nurture the narwhal campaign, don’t forget about the lowly peanut.