Typical Scott Haines DIY project

It wouldn’t quite be a typical Scott Haines DIY project without a trip to the emergency room. The first question now asked by MGH nurses is “What now?”
As many of you know, the count of broken bones now stands at 11 with various other incidents thrown in. This past weekend, I nearly added a broken bone to the total but as a different total. The bone in question wouldn’t have been a NEW bone break, but a re-break of the very first bone I broke. Thankfully, X-rays showed that it was very severely sprained and not broken.
Contrary to popular belief, I don’t go out “looking” for strange and unusual accidents–they just find me. In this case, I was fabricating parts for the snowplow on my riding mower. (Project description coming soon) Again, however, it was a result of not being as careful or diligent as I could. I had removed a steering component from an old mower and was moving it around. When I tried picking up the front of the mower, the wheels shifted and caught my index finger between it and the frame.
Needless to say, I yelled and maybe said other not so nice things. I was yelling at myself for being so stupid as I was at the inanimate object that injured me. (Ladies, I know you won’t understand, but sometimes yelling at the inanimate object DOES help) This project also left me with a bruised left hand, bruised and cut knee, and various cuts and scrapes–typical for a metal working project.

For tracking purposes

For those of you keeping track, here is a rundown of my major injuries to date:

  • Right index finger–2 broken knuckles playing basketball (age 9)
  • Left foot–broken heal from car running over it (age 11)
  • Tailbone–broken slipping on ice (age 13)
  • Left ring finger–severed both tendons and both nerves on broken toilet (age 15)
  • Left wrist–broken on frozen sand dune (age 15)
  • Nose–broken by crazy Russian during Intramural football practice (age 18)
  • Right thumb–broken baking bread at Marsh (age 20)
  • Whiplash–car accident (age 22)–resulting in years of migraines
  • Right knee–shredded cartilage trying to impress a girl (age 28)
  • Left Thumb–shattered in 8 places installing fencing (age 30)
  • Left pinky–broken playing capture the flag as kids camp counselor (age 38)
  • Left ankle–broken fibula and tibia walking out of house (age 38)
  • Right ankle–broken fibula walking to barn (age 39)